The Dunbier story

Established in 1969, Dunbier Marine Products has been manufacturing boat trailers for all types of Australian Boaties for over 50 years, building its reputation on quality, strength and reliability.

Dunbier are proudly Australian family-owned, operated and we still manufacture right here in Australia.
With our support network across the country, you can feel safe knowing that we are there with you, wherever you go.

Dunbier Marine Trailers
Australia’s Leading Boat Trailer Manufacturer

Seafarer Boats is proud to be partnering up with Australia’s Leading Boat Trailer Manufacturer Dunbier Marine to bring you the best in Boat & Trailer packages

Why Dunbier?

Seafarer Boats has chosen to partner with Dunbier Marine Products as our supplier of trailers to carry the whole range from the smallest Sports Fisher 485SF to the flagship of the brand 788SF.  Dunbier trailers have been under Seafarer Boats for many years and as another Australian family owned and operated business, this partnership was the perfect fit.

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